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Friday, June 11, 2004

A commencement speech, by Gordon Gecko.

Bill Gates plays Petals Around the Rose

'Roll up your sleeves. Let the work begin.' | A couple graduation speeches.

The Intellectual Origins Of America-Bashing by Lee Harris - Policy Review, No. 116

A Day in the Life of an Investment Banker The new Hot Or Not... maybe they'll turn this one into a social network too.

Thursday, June 10, 2004 - Google hopes to limit exodus of rich workers: "Hundreds of them are expected to become paper millionaires after the Mountain View, Calif., search engine company's initial public offering. But the new wealth could threaten Google's unique culture. If past Silicon Valley companies are any guide, some workers may lose motivation or quit."

The New York Times > Business > Your Money > Digital Domain: What's Google's Secret Weapon? An Army of Ph.D.'s: "Mostly, Google has concentrated on recruiting those with a background in what you would expect: computer science. Founded by two near-Ph.D.'s who have purposely placed Ph.D.'s throughout the company, Google encourages all employees to act as researchers, by spending 20 percent of their time on new projects of their own choosing."

Australian Financial Review -: "As investors gear up for Google's $US2.7 billion ($3.9 billion) initial public offering of shares, an obscure group of academics known as auction theorists are already trying to figure out the best way to get a piece of the action."

Tuesday, June 08, 2004 Home & Garden: Flatulence Deodorizer- Reusable- 3 Pack

More weird stuff you can buy on amazon...and want to recommend to your friends. U.S.: Microsoft Says It Held Talks Last Year to Acquire SAP | Copenhagen Consensus: "IN RECENT weeks The Economist has been following and supporting the Copenhagen Consensus project?an unusual, ambitious and, some have argued, misguided attempt to set priorities among a range of ideas for improving the lives of people living in developing countries. Starting on April 17th, we began publishing, both in print and on our website*, reviews of essays commissioned by the organisers from leading economic researchers. Each of the papers addressed one of ten global challenges, and proposed possible responses. During May 24th-28th, a panel of distinguished economists assembled in Copenhagen. Their task was to review these papers alongside critical commentaries commissioned from other researchers, to question the various authors, and to decide what to make of it all."

Super Mario War Health & Personal Care: Rejuvenique RJV10KIT Facial Toning Mask Kit The scariest product sold by

Listmania! The Top 25 Weirdest Items You Can Purchase Through Amazon! Totally bizarre.

The Witty worm: A new chapter in malware - Computerworld If press coverage is any guide, then the Witty worm wasn't all that successful. Blaster, SQL Slammer, Nimda, even Sasser made bigger headlines. Witty infected only about 12,000 machines, almost none of them home users. It didn't seem like a big deal. But Witty was a big deal (see story). It represented some scary malware firsts and is likely a harbinger of worms to come. IT professionals need to understand Witty and what it did.

Yahoo! News - REAGAN'S SHAMEFUL LEGACY Only freaking Ted Rall would talk shit about an ex-president the day after he dies. Only freaking Ted Rall would describe the USSR collapsing as "Gangsterism replaced the ossified cult of the state, millions of Russians were reduced to paupers, revived radical Islamism in Central Asia and eliminated our sole major ideological and military rival."