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Friday, May 30, 2003

Nifty graduation speech, talking about the federal judiciary. Remember, if you guys don't show an interest in this, I'll sue you.

Details Larry Ellison needs this. Quick, someone call him up.

Venture Capital: Signs point to a great year for biotech - U.N. backs Congo emergency force - May. 30, 2003 From the article: "U.N. peacekeepers do not have a mandate to intervene in the conflict." Huh??? How are they peacekeeping then??

Thursday, May 29, 2003

FLIX @ SEASPOT.COM - THE PHOTO ARCHIVE OF THE NW URBAN SCENE A challenge from David - post a link to a pic of a hot girl and you get some street cred. This challenge is tough because all the club-going girls are such hoochies. (but don't look like such under blacklight)

MediaDailyNews 05-29-03 Market Focus: Chasing The Affluents - Chasing the truly affluent consumer may just be an advertiser's biggest challenge. Truth is, it's very difficult to reach them by traditional means. For one thing, there is very little reliable research on the ultra wealthy -- those whose incomes and net worth fall within the top five percent of the total population. These people don't fill out surveys.

Reuters - Marketers Value Hip-Hop's Cred

Fayetteville Online Story - Nike's fantasy would rob some cradles In a stunning pre-emptive strike Monday, Nike ended the bidding war for the unborn child of track stars Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery by signing the fetus to a 14-year apparel and shoe contract worth $188 million.

Under the terms of the agreement, the as-yet-unnamed person of undetermined gender, the spawn of five-time Sydney medalist Jones and world-record holder Montgomery, will wear only Nike diapers, jammies, bibs and sneakers until he or she graduates from the ninth grade. At that time, it will be decided whether the child will turn professional in whichever sport he or she excels or go back for his or her final four years of high school. Why People Buy Things They Don't Need

The 100 Best High Schools in America The surge in the number of students taking AP tests is changing life inside America’s classrooms—and altering the rules of the college-admissions game. A look at a new set of winners for 2003.

Where Do "Blue Chip" Stocks Come From? By Brendan I. Koerner

Ah, those Black Panthers! How Beautiful! by Sol Stern TIME Magazine -- What Makes You Who You Are Which is stronger—nature or nurture? The latest science says genes and your experience interact for your whole life

Yahoo! News - Study: Handsome Men Produce Best Sperm. Sweet, I produce the best sperm.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Credit card payments using a cell phone [Link]
Nokia teams with Mastercard and Philips with Visa. - Amnesty: War on terror sowing fear - May. 28, 2003 Hilariously, Amnesty International writes hundreds of pages on the war against terrorism, but not on terrorism itself.

Yahoo! News - TV's Gay "Bachelor" HA! Best show ever!

Science Blog - Race has powerful effects on children's perceptions of occupations Study shows that littles kids are totally racist.

OpinionJournal - Featured Article Core Principles for a Free Iraq: The transition from tyranny to liberty is always difficult.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Corrected link for Restaurant Tipping:

OpinionJournal - Leisure & Arts Shakespeare and the Spice Girls: Who's more clueless, college students or their professors?

spiked-science | Article | Protecting superstition Intellectual property is often seen as a major problem for the developing world.

Mindjack - Taste Tribes

Scientific Computation on Playstation 2: Building a Cluster This r00lz.

Arte - Toilet roll art. I wonder if this was funded by the NEA